Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Hey, Jay. How was the weekend?

Umm, good, MG. You?

Good. Nice to have that extra day off.

Did you have a comp day or something?

No, the MLK holiday. Yesterday.

Hm. Yesterday? That wasn't a day off. Everyone was here.

What? I thought it was a holiday! Didn't we have off last year?

Nope. We weren't supposed to, anyway. I was about the only one who came in last year. But this time, most people showed up. Except Christopher, he left early. He took the day off on political grounds, though, so there's probably an exception for that.

Shit! So I just totally missed a day of work?

Yep. Wouldn't worry too much, though. Maybe nobody even noticed. Don't look so upset!

I'm not upset. But I'm annoyed. I played hooky without even having the satisfaction of knowing that everyone else was working. Ruins the fun, kind of.

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