Tuesday, January 24, 2006

MG! This is totally sexual harassment!

What is, Roger?

The soap! Is it true?


I heard the ladies' room gets fancy scented handsoap!

Oh. Yeah. Joanie brought some in.

Well? Sexual harassment!

How do you figure, Roger?

We don't get any! The soap in the men's room is the pink stuff that doesn't even dissolve in water. And I bet it's not even spermicidal.

Spermicidal? Roger?

Yeah, hello, so it kills flu bacteria? Or, what's it called. Antibacterial. Whatever. Same difference, you know what I mean. It's not fair. It's like they're trying to get the guys to stay sick and smelly, and make the ladies all clean and good-smelling.

Roger, someone just brought in a fancy bottle of soap and stuck it on the sink. Anyone could do that. It's not some company-wide conspiracy. You could bring in your own bottle of Plumeria Passion or whatever.

Uh, right? And then what would I use at home, if I brought in my own soap? Seriously, MG, it is total sexual harassment.

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