Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Oh, my god, Leah, that is such a great idea!

I know, right, Joanie? My boyfriend always says, he says, "Leah, you have the best ideas."

That's so sweet.

So, like, a lunch, right? I think a lunch would make the most sense.

It'll be so fun! It'll be like show and tell!

I know, right? Because we've all heard about each other's boyfriends for so long, now it'll totally be like, ta-da! Here they are! It'll be so awesome. I'll have to make sure he wears one of his nice shirts I got him for Christmas, and not one of the disgusting ones his mother got him. Gag.

So, it will be me and my boyfriend and you and your boyfriend, and Alana and her boyfriend, and, what about MG?

MG? You are like, totally kidding, right?

Oh! That's right! I forgot. Maybe I blocked it out! You said she might be...

Let's just say that, like, I don't think she needs to be a part of our first official Boyfriend Day.

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