Monday, January 30, 2006

So, ladies, where is it going to be?

Joanie, I asked my boyfriend, I asked him, "Where do you want to go?" and he was like, "Leah, you know where I want to go. Where I always want to go when you drag me to midtown for lunch."
So, I was like, oh, god, not again, but he was like--

Wait, Leah, where's that?

You know, Hooters. He always wants to go to Hooters.

Hooters? Seriously, Leah? Do you let him?

Sometimes. If I'm in the mood for wings.

But, Leah, that's like, it's practically a strip club!

Oh, please. Strip clubs. Don't even mention strip clubs at lunch to him, then he wants to go for the buffet.

Leah! A strip club? At lunch? You don't let him, do you?

Yeah, Leah, doesn't he have a certain responsibility in the relationship to--

Oh, god, you guys. What do I care what he's looking at while he eats? And Hooters, those girls hardly have boobs anyway these days. It's like they don't even get the concept. Hello? Hooters?

Well, I think we can agree that we're not going to any strip clubs for our first Boyfriend Day.

Oh, my god! Yes. Totally no. That would set such a bad precedent.

Alright, you guys. Whatever. I'm easy. That's what my boyfriend always says. He's like, "Leah, you're easy." So, Hooters, then?

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