Wednesday, February 15, 2006

MG, I heard you suddenly got some flowers and you don't know who they're from?

Oh. Hi, Leah. Uh, kind of.

Oh my god, I totally know what happened.


Oh my god! Yes! This totally makes sense now. Last night, when I was out with my girls, my boyfriend sent me a text message, and he was like "Hey, Valentine, did you get the flowers?"
And I was like, Oh my god! because I didn't get any flowers, and I totally was freaking out because I thought he forgot. And so I texted him back, like, "Oh my god, I didn't get your flowers, I thought you forgot!" And he texted back, "That is SO strange because I totally sent you flowers at the office." Then I was like, oh my god, what is going on here? Flowers don't just disappear! And so we were talking about it, the girls and me, and we were like, they must have gone someplace else by accident! And then Alana was like, 'Oh, maybe that's why MG got flowers.' And we were all like, yeah, that would totally make sense.

Huh. Did, did he say what kind of flowers he sent?

No, he just said he sent flowers and he couldn't believe they didn't get here. He sounded totally surprised that they never got here. I am so relieved we figured this all out. So you don't mind if I just take my flower. What is that, anyway?

It's an orchid.

Oh. Whatever. It'll look nice on my desk. And it will remind me of my boyfriend the whole time.

Huh. Hold on, Leah, why was your boyfriend texting you on Valentine's day? Didn't you guys want to go out or anything?

Oh, he had to spend it with his wife. Ex-wife. Wife. Whatever.

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