Monday, February 13, 2006

Snowy good morning to you, from one snowy snow princess to another!

Ugh, Vin.

Snow princesses don't say ugh, snow princess. What part of this wondrous winter wonderland are you not loving?

Are you kidding? Start with my shoes. They're soaked and ruined.

Shoes? You don't wear shoes into your blizzard kingdom! You wear snow princess boots.

Knock it off, Vin. I spent the weekend at my parents place and I didn't realized I'd be coming back this morning into this, uh, wondrous winter-- what was it?


Yeah. Not so wonderful for suede pumps. I got them in a misguided effort to look more professional, and now they're soaked through and my feet are probably rotting and frostbitten at the same time and I'm going to wear ugly, warm waterproof shoes every day until May and I don't care if Leah thinks I'm a dyke.

Whoa, easy, ice-a-rella! Those shoes are history, but in the future, you know there's this magical spray you can use to waterproof your shoes, and bags, and gloves, and everything! It's amazing.

That's the worst part. I bought a can of it when I got the shoes, but I never got around to spraying them.

Well, that's true. They don't spray themselves, do they?

Nope. And this coffee I spilled on myself isn't going to remove itself, either.

Coffee, too? Quite a morning for you!

That's my point.

Well, do you want to go out at lunch and make snowballs in the park?


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