Monday, January 16, 2006

Jay, have you seen Alana?

No, I think she took off today for MLK.

Took off? I thought we had to come in?

It's an optional day.

What's an 'optional' day?

You know, you can come in, or not.

So, it's like unpaid leave if you don't come in?

No, I think it's paid vacation, if you want it.

If you want it? Then why is everybody here? I could have sworn we had to work last year.

Ha, most of us did, MG.

Shut up, Jay. That's why I made sure I was in today. Now it's a holiday?

Yep. Maybe you inspired them last year by your refusal to come in. You're kind of like the Rosa Parks of the optional day.

Hm, I think the only point I'm making through my actions is that I don't pay enough attention to inter-office emails. Was there even an email about this? I think I would have remembered it.

No, no email. They mentioned it at that meeting last week.


On Wednesday? I don't think you were there.

How - I didn't know there was a meeting.

That, there was an email about.

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